Shodaigyo - An Explanation

Although not commonly known in western cultures, Buddhist meditation is not just a 'silent sitting' practice. Chanting is also a form of Buddhist meditation. Our primary practice, in Nichiren Shu Buddhism, is known as Shodaigyo. 'Shodai' means to chant the sacred title of the Lotus Sutra and 'gyo' means Buddhist practice. Our meditational technique combines opening and closing periods of silent meditation with a central core of chanting. Our practice is distinct; it not only allows us to calm the mind and reflect upon the true nature of Reality, but to also fundamentally realize and actualize Buddha nature. This form of meditation is easily learned but the benefits are profound. Through Shodaigyo we become more aware and mindful of our true selves, our surroundings, and the mutual integration of both.  Our environment responds favorably in kind.   We begin to reveal our inherent, enlightened qualities and to also recognize the beautiful, intrinsic enlightened qualities in all others. We become empowered, compassionate, appreciative, deeply joyful, wiser, and self-directed.  Our lives transform through continuing practice.  This process of spiritual manifestation allows us to harmonize and flourish in daily lives which can, at times, seem to be places of great difficulty and suffering. Please join us for instruction in the wondrous meditational practice of Shodaigyo.